Due North: Alaska is working in conjunction with Education Scotland and youth groups to develop a fully interactive and educational expedition that will engage young people across the globe. We are establishing a learning platform that will ensure legacy and reach that survives far beyond the lifetime of the expedition.



We want to get young people excited and inspired about the outdoors and the environment. Throughout the expedition we’ll be promoting ‘exciting learning’ by filming, blogging, blogging and updating social media, as well as hosting live Q&A sessions through GLOW.

Inspiring the next generation to become more involved in the outdoors through exploration is something that we’re very passionate about and is reflected in the visions and values of the expedition.


Join Us! 

We want as many people as possible to join us and play a part in this world first expedition.

If you’d like to get involved then please contact us here.


Training for this expedition included both physical and mental training.

The physical training is extensive and varied, including strength and conditioning, HIIT, yoga, trail running, road biking, kayaking and competing in endurance events (e.g. 156 mi Marathon des Sables). Hazel and Luke have also been tracking Heart Rate Variability (HRV), with support of their coach C Wilson Meloncelli to provide a more scientific approach to their training, ensuring it is optimised depending on their body's need. They are grateful to be supported by Nuffield Health gym in Edinburgh.

Mental training is essential for endurance events to ensure Hazel and Luke can excel under on-going stress (both mental and physical) and make rational and safe decisions in extreme environments. They have been working closely with C Wilson Meloncelli to build on their existing capabilities to tap into what's known as the "Flow State" more quickly and easily. The "Flow State" or "The Zone" is well-known by athletes, but is also the same state that musicians, artists, poets, writers, business executives all report while performing their skills to its optimal level. It's the place where performance is optimal and time disappears.

To tap into this state, Hazel and Luke have been doing a combination of passive and physical meditations (some as simple as juggling, others a more complex sequence of stick-based martial arts) whilst measuring their brain waves using new technology. They are learning simple techniques to enable them to quickly enter this state in their training and during the expedition